Tintoria Crespi operates on orthogonal fabrics made of 100% cotton, 100% linen, cotton/linen mix, elasticated cotton, and other cotton and linen based mixes. Most of the treated fabrics are used in clothing production and have a height of 150 cm. (200 cm. max for raw fabric) and a weight variable between 80 and 800 grams/linear metre. The process of production is mainly the one of “continuous sheet dyeing”. Crespi’s main manufacturing activities are the ones of preparation for dyeing or printing, with mercerization, bleaching, dyeing and both mechanical and chemical finishing.

The preparation we manufacture consists in the sum of all operations essential for making raw fabric ready for dyeing or printing, thus making it hydrophilic and cleaning it out of fibre impurities, of general dirt and of all the products used on the yarn during its spinning and weaving processes. Amongst these operations are desizing, washing, scouring, bleaching, mercerizing, soda treatment, singeing. Dyeing is mainly realized with the pad-batch method using reactive dyes.

Finishing consists in the ennobling operations directed to adjust the hand to the touch, the characteristics and the appearance of the fabric, according to customer requirements. Finishing processes can be divided in chemical and mechanical ones. The former involve the application of chemicals on the fabric (agents for softening, non-slipping, easy care, waterproofing, etc…), the latter involve the use of various machines on the fabrics for different treatments, amongst which: Sanfor–type unshrinkability treatments, calendaring, chintzing, stentering, emerizing, raising, thermosetting, etc…

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